String of Pearls, Senecio Rowleyanus

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An unusual succulent, Senecio rowleyanus, or String of Pearls, has long vines with nearly spherical leaves cascading from it’s stem. It is an eye-catcher and conversation starter! The multiple masses of trailing stems with almost perfect spherical beads every few inches are very cool to see. Plus, it’s fun to say that you have multiple strings of pearls on your plant stand.

They get their common name, String of Pearls, Peas or Beads from these round leaves that appear like little green peas. These round pea-like leaves store water, giving them their drought tolerant, succulent nature. The little round leaves also have ‘windows’, which appear like little slits in the center of the leaves. These windows let the light in for photosynthesis.

  • Water string of pearls thoroughly and allow the potting mixture to dry completely before watering the plant again. Monitor the soil of outdoor plants and water when it becomes dry.
  • Place string of pearls in a bright, sunny window, preferably a window.
  • Provide water sparingly during winter months. Water the plant just enough to moist the potting soil in winter.
  • Fertilize string of pearls every alternative week during spring and summer. Use a general-purpose liquid houseplant fertilizer.
  • Place string of pearls plants in average room temperatures.
  • String of pearls are not usually susceptible to plant pests or diseases, but mealybugs and aphids may occasionally become a problem. Use a forceful spray of water or an insecticidal soap to remove these pests.

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String of Pearls, Senecio Rowleyanus
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