Cape Jasmine, Gardenia Jasminoides, indoor

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*** Size : 25 – 35 cm

Jasmine will provide deliciously scented, creamy white, rose-like flowers for months on end. These flowers will scent your living room with an entirely natural jasmine-like fragrance day and night. Its attractive dark green shiny leaves ensure the plant’s decorative value even when not in bloom. The Gardenia can also be sited outside on a terrace or balcony during warmer periods. However, keep in mind this is a tropical-germinated plant and needs to spend winter indoors.

Jasmine is Medium to large shrub, or sometimes small tree, frequently bushy, with ovate, elliptic, or lance-shaped, glossy, deep green leaves, 10cm or more long, usually borne in whorls of 3.  Usually grown in its double-flowered variants.

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Cape Jasmine, Gardenia Jasminoides, indoor
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