Insecticides – Deltamethrin® 2.5% w/v EC Agriculture

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This powerful insecticide, Deltamethrin® 2.5% w/v EC Agriculture, effectively eliminates pests in agricultural settings. With a proven formula, it provides lasting protection and promotes healthy crops. Say goodbye to insect infestations and hello to thriving harvests with this reliable solution.

Composition: Deltamethrin  2.5% w/v, Inert Ingredient 97.5% w/v

  • High quality insecticides
  • Used on agricultural and horticultural crops
  • Colorless or white to light beige crystals that have no odor

Targets: Aphids, Beetles, Caterpillar, Cutworm, Mealy Bugs, Weevil and Whitefly

Before Using a Pesticide

  • Must be used by professionals
  • Read the label thoroughly
  • Be familiar with all precautions
  • Be familiar with First Aid information
  • Put on the proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Importance for Plants:

  • Pest Control: Deltamethrin 2.5% acts as an effective insecticide, disrupting the nervous system of insects upon contact. This leads to the paralysis and eventual death of the pests, protecting plants from damage caused by feeding or infestation.
  • Increased Yield: By controlling pest populations, deltamethrin contributes to increased crop yield and quality. Unchecked pest damage can lead to reduced harvests and lower-quality produce, affecting both quantity and market value.
  • Crop Health: Protecting plants from pests helps maintain overall crop health. Healthy plants are better able to resist diseases and environmental stressors, leading to more robust and productive crops.
  • Economic Benefits: The use of deltamethrin can result in economic benefits for farmers by reducing losses caused by pest damage. It can also contribute to the sustainability of agriculture by ensuring a reliable and consistent food supply.
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Insecticides – Deltamethrin® 2.5% w/v EC Agriculture
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