Organic Mealybug and Scale Terminator Spray

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Mr. Ganick is an eco-friendly solution to terminate and control Hard Scales, Wax Scales, and Wax-Layered Pests.  The use of Mr. Ganick helps to improve plant health and reduce crop losses, provide economic benefits to farmers, reduce soil pollution and ensure food safety and security in a safer way.

Non Toxic Hero

  • Organic insecticide that washes off and covers pest’ waxy protective layer, causing mortality due to suffocation; doesn’t create pest resistance
  • Shake well before spraying directly on pests or whole plants
  • Spray early morning or late evening. don’t spray during hot weather

Store at cool places and do not eat or taste. keep away from children.


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Organic Mealybug and Scale Terminator Spray
د.إ 56.0000