Haworthia Cooperi, Window Haworthia

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Haworthia Cooperi, Window Haworthia is an attractive succulent with unique, window-like leaves. This interesting plant is commonly used in indoor and outdoor gardens and requires very little maintenance. Best of all, they can survive low light environments, making them the perfect addition to any home or office.

Cool off with this fresh arrangement of tiny watermelon-inspired succulents! Using its unique translucence to set itself apart from others in the Haworthia family, the cooperi makes for an interesting addition to any plant gang.Haworthia cooperi has the particularity of having green leaves with transparent tips, that allow it to take on various colors, which is why it is also called “Window Haworthia”.


4-6cm, 8-12cm

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Haworthia Cooperi, Window Haworthia
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