Alocasia Wentii “Hardy Elephant’s Ear” 70-80cm


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Alocasia wentii is somewhat hardier than most types of Alocasia. The leaves have glossy green topsides and purplish reverses, it grows as an evergreen herbaceous perennial in the shady, humid understorey layers of rainforests. The large, shiny leaves on strong stems make it a handsome houseplant. Alocasia wentii is commonly known as Hardy Elephant’s ears or Elephant’s ears.

Plant Care

  • In too much light its distinctive leave colour will fade and the leaves will curl
  • In too little light the variegation will not develop on new growth
  • Wipe the leaves regularly to prevent a build up of dust
  • Like other Calatheas this plant enjoys high humidity
  • Overly wet soil can quickly lead to root rot
  • Prefers warmer to higher temperatures but not too hot. Ideal would be between 18-23°C
  • Try to avoid lower than 15°C
  • Choose a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and apply a weaker dose


  • Healthy plant in its pot with premium soil
  • All the tips and tricks for expert-level care
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Alocasia Wentii “Hardy Elephant’s Ear” 70-80cm
د.إ 95.0000