Aglaonema Red Valentine

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*** Size: 30 – 40 cm

The Aglaonema Red Valentine is sure to add a bright pop of color to any space. Its upright, pointed leaves of deep red create a lush and vibrant atmosphere. Its high tolerance for low light makes it perfect for any corner of your home or office.

Aglaonema with their full striking foliage and easy-care attitude is commonly found on any plant admirers list of must-haves. They are highly versatile and will adapt to a wide range of conditions, from dry air to low light.

These indoor plants come in many different varieties and the ‘Red Valentine’ is an exceptional variation. This Aglaonema has broad deep red to pink foliage, making it striking and a highly attractive tabletop plant in any part of your home or office.

As highly versatile house plants they also have the ability to withstand varying moisture levels as well as can handle a touch of neglect, lending them ideal for the absent-minded plant lover. Aglaonema is known to be on top of the list for effective air purifiers and will remove many household toxins from the air, leaving your home feeling ultra-fresh.

Please note: Aglaonema are toxic to pets and humans. Please do not attempt to eat your houseplant.

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Aglaonema Red Valentine
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