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Urea Fertilizer is the most important nitrogenous fertilizer in the market, with the highest Nitrogen content. It is a white crystalline organic chemical compound. Urea is a waste product formed naturally by metabolizing protein in humans as well as other mammals, amphibians, and some fish.

  •  Urea is highly Nitrogen-concentrated, it should be used in combination with earth or sand before its application.
  •  Urea should not be applied when the soil contains free water or likely to remain wet for three or four days after application.
  • Wide application range, for all types of crops and soils
  • Neutral pH and harmless to crops and soil
  • Urea fertilizer provides nitrogen, which promotes green leafy growth that not only makes your garden look lush, but is also important for photosynthesis. The key is that urea provides only nitrogen, no phosphorus or potassium so it is primarily used where the features of other fertilizers, such as bloom growth and vertical height may not be desired.
  • Application way of Urea is most commonly broadcast into the soil in solid form, but care must be taken to keep it at least 2 inches from seedlings to protect them from the initial alkaline reaction. We recommend turning the urea into the soil rather than just placing it on top to minimize the loss of nitrogen to the atmosphere as the fertilizer breaks down.
  • For all Plants & Gardening Purpose & 100% Water Soluble Fertilizer.
  • Urea can also be dissolved in water as a 50/50 mix to use as a foliar spray. It should be applied according to the nitrogen fertilizer recommendations for the crop.
  • Usage Instruction: For seeds and seedlings- use 1/4 tsp. to 1 liter water. After 3-4 true leaves come out – use 1/2 tsp. to 1 liter water. When you will see blooming sign upto full bloom – use 2/3 tsp. to 1 liter water Untill blooming complete or harvesting complete – use 1 tsp. to 1 liter water.
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Urea Fertilizer
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