Thuja Orientalis

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Max height: 15m Family: Cupressaceae

Origin: China PH Level: Basic

Drought Tolerance: High Sun Tolerance: High

Pest Tolerance: Medium Disease Tolerance: Medium

Growth Rate: Slow

**** Size: 80 – 100 cm

Thuja Orientalis is an evergreen conifer known for its dense foliage and pyramid shape. Perfect for adding color to any garden, this conifer offers a classic look and is low-maintenance. It is easy to care for and can be pruned into a variety of shapes. Thuja Orientalis also produces a pleasant scent that will fill your garden.

Thuja Orientalis is a superior evergreen tree, boasting deep green foliage and dense branching. Hardy and fast growing, this tree will bring life and beauty to any outdoor area, making it an ideal choice for landscaping projects. Thuja orientalis are evergreen trees growing from 3 to 61 meters tall, with stringy-textured reddish-brown bark. The shoots are flat, with side shoots only in a single plane. The scale leaves are arranged in alternating decussate pairs in four rows along the twigs.



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Thuja Orientalis
280,00 د.إ