Summer Cypress, Kochia

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35 – 50 cm

Summer Cypress, Kochia is a hardy and drought-resistant annual shrub with an upright growth habit. This plant is ideal for dry gardens and xeriscapes, and thrives in full sun as well as moderate shade. Its fast growth rate and showy seed heads offer unique texture and visual interest in shrub beds and garden borders.

Because of kochia’s low water requirements and resistance to diseases and insects, interest in it as a forage crop has increased in the last decade. Can be used in revegetation programs for erosion control. Germinate and grow at any time in the growing season, and it thrives in sandy, alkaline and other poor soils that’s why it can be sown by airplane on large areas that need revegetation, such as areas that have been devastated by fire and provides a quick groundcover to protect topsoil and provide a food source for wildlife until native grasses take over.




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Summer Cypress, Kochia
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