String of Turtles, Peperomia Prostrata

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String of Turtles, Peperomia Prostrata is a great houseplant for the green-thumbed novice. Its small size and ease of maintenance make it perfect for busy lifestyles, while its unique cascading habit and attractive green foliage give any room a touch of nature.

The string of turtles plant (peperomia prostrata), is a succulent native to the Brazilian rainforest. It’s important to note that this succulent is also called ‘magic marmer’. It has very aesthetic leaves and is usually best placed inside hanging pots, though not exclusively.

There are different places where we can place the string of turtles plant (peperomia prostrata). It’s an ideal plant for hanging pots, dish gardens, desks, terrariums, amongst many others. This succulent is actually not invasive. It certainly likes to spread a little, and has a very full look, when healthy. It’s also in many ways a hanging succulent, in that it does trail quite a bit.

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String of Turtles, Peperomia Prostrata
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