Perl Humus Organic Soil Conditioner

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Organic Soil Conditioner is a nutrient-dense soil conditioner based on composted plant material. It’s an ideal, all-around product for your general gardening and horticultural needs. It improves drainage and aeration in heavy clay soils and adds body to light sandy soils.

  • Provides stable humus to the soil and stimulates CO2 sequestration
  • Improves the soil structure and aeration of the soil, especially in sandy and clay soils
  • Increases availability of soil nutrients and improves soil water holding capacity
  • Improves the buffering capacity of soils, neutralizing pH
  • Increases fertilizer efficiency and plant productivity
  • Helps to neutralize toxins and sequesters heavy metals in the soil
  • Promotes root respiration and development, especially vertically
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Perl Humus Organic Soil Conditioner
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