Oregano Cuban, Spanish thyme, Indian borage, Mexican mint

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Fleshy large leaves , fragrant plant, Fast growing, nice oregano smell
It is often grown as a houseplant but can thrive outdoors in warm season.
Cuban oregano fell under the wing of the mint family Lamiaceae and cultivated as a spice and ornamental plant. The leaves aroma has a combination from oregano, thyme, and turpentine. The taste described as being similar to the one of oregano, but with an enhanced sharp mint-like flavour. The scientific name is Coleus Amboinicus. Other related terms are Mexican mint, country borage, Cuban oregano, French thyme, Indian mint, soup mint and Spanish thyme.
Cuban oregano is easy to grow, leaves are attractive and aromatic. Also known as Spanish thyme, Indian borage, and Mexican mint.

It has fragrant, velvety leaves edged in white, and trumpet-shaped flowers in pink, white, and lavender. It’s nearly maintenance-free once it is established. It grows rapidly, creating a lush display in a container garden.


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Oregano Cuban, Spanish thyme, Indian borage, Mexican mint
د.إ 18.0000