Living Stones , Lithops

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*** 8 – 12 cm

Living Stones, Lithops are a unique succulent plant, characterized by their stone-like appearance. They thrive in dry, hot climates and require minimal maintenance. These fascinating plants don’t need fertilizer and will survive long periods of drought, making them an ideal choice for beginner or experienced gardeners.

Lithops, “Living Stones”, a genus of succulent plants whose rocklike appearance serves as camouflage from herbivores. Lithops are one of the most unique houseplants you can grow. Their crazy-cool appearance makes them both a curiosity and a prized treasure for houseplant enthusiasts.

Older Lithops form clumps of colourful pebbles in their pot, which makes them ideal as an accent piece in your garden. As small and slow-growing plants, they are relatively easy to care for, especially once you get a hang of the routine.


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Living Stones , Lithops
د.إ 75.0000