Hoya Carnosa, Wax Plant, Multi Color

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The Hoya Carnosa Wax Plant is a multi-colored succulent with thick and waxy foliage. It is known for its ability to purify the air and is perfect for any home or office. This beautiful and hardy plant can tolerate some shade and will bring an elegant and vibrant look to any space.

Hoya carnosa is a vining succulent that roots along it long, branching stems. Porcelain flower or wax plant is a commonly grown houseplant. It has long slender vines covered with waxy, deep green leathery leaves sometimes flecked with silver or creamy white. To make this plant appear denser, wrap its sparsely leaved stems around a bamboo trellis and secure with florist tape or nylon stocking strips.

Easy to grow & don’t require much attention. Bright indirect light year-round is ideal. Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Wax plants love high humidity and the foliage appreciates misting. The flowers are star-shaped, in parachute-shaped clusters, with a sweet fragrance and may produce a sticky sap.

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Hoya Carnosa, Wax Plant, Multi Color
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