Dianella Tasmanica, Variegata, Tasman Flax-lily

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Max Height: 1.2m Spread: 0.45m

Origin: S.E. Australia Family: Liliaceae/Phormiaceae

Common Name: Tasman Flax Lily Flower Colour: Blue

Drought Tolerance: Medium Salinity Tolerance: Medium

Sun Tolerance: Medium Wind Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: Medium PH Level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: High Disease Tolerance: Medium

Growth Rate: Fast Fragrance: No


A clumping, grass-like evergreen perennial with strappy foliage, distinctly variegated gray-green with creamy white margins, providing year-round vibrancy in the garden. Wispy clusters of pale blue, star-shaped flowers emerge from flowering stalks during summer, and are followed by lustrous blue fruits. Adds color and texture contrast to borders and beds, or may be mass planted as an interesting groundcover.

Dianella tasmanica “Variegata” or Tasman Flax-lily is tufted, perennial forming clumps of strap-shaped, stiff, rough-margined leaves, to 1.2m long, sometimes also producing tall, cane-like stems with tufts of smaller leaves at the top. Branching panicles, to 60cm long, of star-shaped, lavender-blue to violet flowers, to 2cm across, with pale yellow anthers, are borne in early summer, followed by persistent, oblong-ovoid, dark blue berries, to 2cm long. Height to 1.2m, Spread 45cm. Native of S.E. Australia (Including Tasmania).

Dianella tasmanica, Tasman Flax-lily, Tasmanian Flax-lily, variegata


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Dianella Tasmanica, Variegata, Tasman Flax-lily
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