Date Palm, Phoenix Dactylifera

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Max Height: 30m Spread: 6-12m

Origin: N. Africa, W. Asia Family: Arecaceae/ Palmae

Common Name: Date Palm Flower Colour: Cream

Drought Tolerance: High Salinity Tolerance: High

Sun Tolerance: High Wind Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: Low PH level: Basic

Pest Tolerance: Medium Disease Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Slow Fragrance: No


The Date Palm, Phoenix Dactylifera, is a tree native to the Middle East, North Africa, and Pakistan. Its fruits are great sources of vitamins and minerals, especially vitamin C, potassium, and magnesium. Enjoy its great taste and health benefits in a variety of dishes.

Phoenix dactylifera or Date palm النخلة is tall, sometimes suckering palm producing a columnar trunk usually clad with old leaf bases, at least towards the top. Leaves, 4-6m long, are composed of many linear, greyish green leaflets, the lowest ones reduced to spines, arranged in various planes giving a 3-dimensional effect. Bowl-shaped cream flowers appear in long-stalked panicles, 1.5-2m long, in spring or summer. Ellipsoid to cylindrical, edible, sweet, fleshy, yellow to reddish brown fruit, 2.5-7cm long, are very variable both in texture and flavor.

For Bigger Plants : Bare rooted, Crane required for planting. Loading and offloading charges may apply. Prices are excluding plantation charges

2.0m Brown Trunk, 3.0m Brown Trunk, 4.0m Brown Trunk, 5.0m Brown Trunk, 5.5m Brown Trunk


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Date Palm, Phoenix Dactylifera
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