Cyperus Haspan, Dwarf Cyperus

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Max Height: 2m Spread: 0.6-1.2m

Origin: Egypt to Tropical Africa Family: Cyperaceae

Common Name: Papyrus Flower Colour: Brown

Drought Tolerance: Medium Salinity Tolerance: High

Sun Tolerance: High Wind Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: High PH Level: Alkaline

Pest Tolerance: High Disease Tolerance: High

Growth Rate: Fast Fragrance: No


The Cyperus Haspan, better known as the Dwarf papyrus, is a cheerful-looking indoor plant. It’s bright green stems are topped off with umbrella-shaped fans, giving the plant a playful look. This all-green plant is a great match with all kinds of interior styles. Cyperus haspan or dwarf Cyperus is clump-forming perennial with tall, 3-angled, pithy, leafless stems. Globe-like compound umbels of 100-200 thread-like rays, 12-30cm long, each ending in a tiny brown flower, become pendent with age. Ancient Egyptians flattened and dried the stems to make a form of paper. Needs high humidity. Height 2m, Spread 0.6-1.2m. Native of Egypt to tropical Africa.

Cyperus haspan, dwarf Cyperus, Miniature Cyperus, Miniature Flatsedge, Sheathed Flatsedge


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Cyperus Haspan, Dwarf Cyperus
د.إ 150.0000