Codiaeum Iceton, Codiaeum Variegatum, Croton

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100 – 130cm

Croton Iceton is a stunningly beautiful foliage plant with fantastic leaf colour and variegation. The mid-green leaves are glossy with pointed tips and each have a vivid splash of red, pink, yellow or orange. Highly ornamental, it could almost be considered a work of art. Codiaeum Iceton is a definite eye-catcher and looks stunning in taller planters.

Crotons grow best in well-drained soil and in full sun to partial shade; in hot sunny climates they look best if shaded from the hottest sun of the day. Too much sun will bleach the color out of the leaves and too little will cause the leaves to be more green. Provide plenty of room for growth, crotons can be pruned by hand but are ugly sheared. Crotons are frequently grown as houseplants in colder climates and in the landscape in frost-free regions. Crotons make excellent accent plants, hedges and tub specimens.

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Codiaeum Iceton, Codiaeum Variegatum, Croton
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