Clay Balls, Clay pebbles, Clay Pebbles – Hydrostones

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Clay Balls, Clay pebbles, and Clay Pebbles – Hydrostones provide excellent aeration and drainage for hydroponic systems, and are an ideal growing media for hydroponic systems. They offer excellent water retention and are highly resistant to breakdown, making them a durable and long-lasting rooting media. Hydrostones are specifically designed to provide maximum oxygenation for hydroponic systems. Pebbles or expanded clay pellets, also referred to as leca clay, clay balls, hydro stones are one of the most helpful and versatile growing media to any traditional and hydroponic grower.

There are many reasons that you may gravitate towards the use of extended clay pellets for horticulture growing.

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Clay Balls, Clay pebbles, Clay Pebbles – Hydrostones
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