Citrus sinensis Moro, Blood Orange Tree

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Max Height: 3.5-4.5 m Origin: Italy

Family: Citrus Common Name: Sweet orange, Blood orange

Drought Tolerance: Medium Salinity Tolerance: Medium

Sun Tolerance: Medium Wind Tolerance: High

Water Requirement: Medium PH Level: 5-6

Pest Tolerance: Medium Disease Tolerance: Medium

Grow your own oranges with this citrus orange tree! With its resilient foliage and sweet fruit, this tree is an easy-to-maintain addition to any home garden. Enjoy the taste and health benefits of homegrown oranges with a productive and vibrant tree.

The blood orange is a variety of orange with crimson, almost blood coloured flesh, distinctive dark flesh colour is due to the presence of anthocyanins, a family of polyphenol pigments common to many flowers and fruit, but uncommon in citrus fruits. Chrysanthemin is the main compound found in red oranges. The flesh develops its characteristic maroon colour when the fruit develops with low temperatures during the night. Sometimes, dark colouring is seen on the exterior of the rind, as well depending on the variety of blood orange.


140-180cm, 200-250cm


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Citrus sinensis Moro, Blood Orange Tree
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