Bambusa Ventricosa, Buddha’s Belly Bamboo

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Max Height: 5-25m Spread: Indefinite

Origin: South China Family: Gramineae/ Poaceae

Common Name: Buddha’s Belly Bamboo Drought Tolerance: High

Salinity Tolerance: Medium Sun Tolerance: High

Wind Tolerance: High Water Requirement: Medium

PH Level: Basic Pest Tolerance: High

Disease Tolerance: High Growth Rate: Medium Fragrance: No


Buddha’s Belly or Bambusa Ventricosa is one of the most popular ornamental bamboos for collectors. Most well-known for its unique tendency to have bulging culms or bellies that are directly influenced by the plan’s water stress. Renowned for their ability to adapt to any number of growing conditions. Bambusa ventricosa or Buddha’s Belly Bamboo is very vigorous bamboo with strong canes bearing whorls of 10-20 linear-lance-shaped, dark green leaves, to 12cm long. The internodes swell under poor growing conditions. Height 5-25m outdoors, 2.5m or more in containers, Spread indefinite. Native to South China.

Bambusa ventricosa, Buddha Belly, Buddha’s Belly Bamboo, Grasses, Outdoor Plants


100-140cm, 150-170cm

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Bambusa Ventricosa, Buddha’s Belly Bamboo
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