American Pitchers , Sarracenia

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Sarracenia are commonly known as Pitcher Plants or Trumpet Pitchers and can be long-lived and easy houseplants to grow and keep looking attractive from one year to the next.

The American Pitcher is an iconic Sarracenia species whose remarkable leaves and stems make it an ideal choice for any garden. With a tall, upright growth habit and vibrant colors, it’s sure to make a statement in any outdoor space. Its leaf tips also produce a delightful fragrance to attract beneficial insects.

They capture insects by producing nectar along the rim of their pitchers. When an insect starts to lick up the nectar, it tries to get more by reaching in the pitcher. When it loses its footing, it falls right in. The inside walls of the pitcher are very smooth, so insects are not able to crawl out. They also can’t fly out because there isn’t any airlift in a tube! Eventually the insect dies, and as it decomposes, the plant absorbs its nutrients right through its leaves

  • Pitcher Plants loves bright sunlight. Min 6 hours indirect in UAE. Do not place it outside in direct sun.
  • The pot with the plant must always be sitting in pure water. It likes mineral free and low TDS water, If the TDS is higher than 100, use distilled, reverse osmosis, or clean rain water.
  • Feeding: Do not fertilize or give meat! Left outdoors in shaded area, Sarracenia feed themselves.

Carnivorous, Venus Flytrap

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American Pitchers , Sarracenia
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