Alyssum, Alisons (small)

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Alyssum, Alisons (small) is a popular compact flowering plant. It has a fragrant scent, white and pink blooms, and resilient growth. An easy-to-care-for plant, it’s ideal for small spaces indoors or outdoors. Create a beautiful, sweet-smelling space with Alyssum, Alisons.

Alyssum is Freely branching, usually compact, low-growing annual or short-lived perennial with linear-lance-shaped, slightly hairy, grey-green leaves, 3cm long. In summer, produces tiny, cross-shaped, slightly cupped, scented, white, occasionally pale purple-pink flowers in rounded, corymb-like racemes, 2.5-8cm across.

Alisons, Alyssum, flowering plants, seasonals

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Alyssum, Alisons (small)
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