Alocasia Gageana, Elephant Ear, Alocasia California

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80 – 100 cm

Alocasia California, more commonly known as the Upright Elephant Ear or Night Scented Elephant Ear, is known for its stand out paddle shaped leaves and its fragrant blooms whose perfume is extra intense and beautiful at night. Alocasia California’is a tuberous plant that is native to East and South East Asia and has long been used as a remedy for the common cold in Northern Vietnam.

This stunning plant can turn any garden into a tropical oasis, with its large glossy leaves and hardy stems adding a burst of bright green to any plant bed or pot. As the bold, tropical leaves stand upright, they can shed excess water easily, whilst also allowing companion plants to grow underneath. In their preferred conditions of a tropical or subtropical climate, it can grow to its full height of over 15 ft, but in more temperate climates it will be significantly smaller, reaching up to 5 ft in just one summer. These heat loving plants will happily grow in full sunlight or partial shade and will require regular watering during their growth season.

Each plant We offer is Hybridized and grown from tissue cultures to be a disease free exact replica of the mother plant. Alocasia Gagaena California is considered a dwarf elephant ear and can reach up to 4′ in height. This variety can fill an area quickly and is a top choice as a landscape plant. Quite unique and very beautiful.

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Alocasia Gageana, Elephant Ear, Alocasia California
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