Aglaonema Sp , Wishes

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*** 30 – 40 cm

Aglaonema Sp, Wishes is an exotic houseplant with a bold and bright multi-tone foliage. This slow-growing species is perfect for novice gardeners or those in need of a low-maintenance greenery solution. Its low natural lighting and water needs make for an easy addition to any indoor space.

Aglaonema Sp (wishes) is a small colorful houseplant, often vibrant and colorful, with strikingly patterned leaves. Because they’re so easy-going, Aglaonemas are perfectly suited for a modern living room or office, dim bedroom, or cozy study. Because of their tolerance for both moist and dry conditions, and the fact that they will thrive with low light, they are a perfect choice for less than ideal light conditions or forgetful plant owners.

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Aglaonema Sp , Wishes
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