Aglaonema King of Siam

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*** Size: 30 – 40 cm

The Aglaonema King of Siam is an excellent choice for those of us who want a beautiful, low-maintenance plant. This Aglaonema variety boasts pointed, glossy leaves that vary in shades of green and pink. It’s easy to care for and does not require much sunlight, making it an ideal choice for indoor environments.

Aglaonema is also one of the most elegant, and this gorgeous piece shows off the delicate light green leaves accented by bright pink. Its colorful foliage makes Siam aglaonema a perfect home decor accent. You could use it in conjunction with or instead of a Poinsettia. It is a good houseplant that retains its color and will last for a long time.

One of the easiest houseplants to care for, The red Aglaonema is also among the most fashionable. A relatively new species in houseplants, this gorgeous plant has dark green leaves that are elegantly accented by bright shades of pink or red. Its colorful foliage makes Red Aglaonema a perfect home decor accent. It looks stunning on desks and tabletops and side tables and coffee tables in living spaces and bedrooms. The more dark shades of Aglaonema can thrive in the shade, while the more variegated varieties require more light. Don’t expose your Aglaonema to direct sunlight. It is essential to water the plant thoroughly during the summer and mist the plant frequently to increase the humidity. In the winter months, decrease the amount of watering but make sure that you don’t let the plant dry completely. Be careful not to overwater. Well-drained potting soil is ideal. Ensure you protect it from cold vents or windows, and the more warm the area is, the more beneficial.

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Aglaonema King of Siam
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